NRD Static Control LLC

Innovation in ionization monitoring

With the addition of the Ionmaster™ Quality Management System into our portfolio of products, NRD is now changing the way the world measures ionization performance. In fact, this system’s flagship product, Ionmaster™ Ionization Monitor, offers the only real-time ionization monitor that measures ion balance and equivalent charge plate monitoring discharge rates.

The only company to offer Alpha and Corona

NRD is also the only company providing advanced static control solutions for both alpha and corona technology. For 50 years, our standard has been to exceed the demand for safe and effective ionization solutions, worldwide. While corona is the standard, alpha is slowly becoming the static elimination solution of choice for many organizations because of its flexibility, reliability, lack of maintenance, and ability to perform in environments where corona is not an option.

Our longevity and focus across multiple industries have enabled us to push the limits of electrostatic elimination to create and deliver the most dependable and effective solutions for each unique situation. We also go to great lengths to understand the needs of our customers which assists us with continually improving our products.

What started out as the name of our flagship brand, Staticmaster®, has evolved to embody both our heritage and our overall commitment to excellence. And this commitment runs through all of our products, from static elimination to our ECD solutions as well. We understand better than anyone, that there is no single, best solution or technology–only the right solution for any given situation. And we are committed to providing that solution, whatever it may be.

A customer-first approach

At NRD, we approach everything with a customer-first attitude. We’ll work with you to find exactly the right solution for your unique situation, whether that’s corona or alpha technology. We’ll help you determine the most appropriate one based on things such as airflow, location, safety considerations, power supply, environmental influences, maintenance concerns, cost considerations, etc. There’s no best or standard static control technology, just the one that’s right for your situation. And if you’re looking for an ECD solution, we have that, too.