NRD Static Control LLC

Industrial Corona Ionizing Gun

Model 6406

Staticmaster® Industrial Corona Ionizing Gun is a highly-effective, anti-static blow-off gun ideal for use in a Class 100 cleanroom. The Model 6406 is compact and lightweight with an ergonomic design that makes it conveniently portable. It also has a light-touch switch control for ease of use. This hand-held, Industrial Corona Ionizing Gun features a 0.1 micron filter with an adjustable, air flow. It offers clean air flow which means it’s particulate free.

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Balance: ±10 V

Current Draw: Max 0.8A or 0.4A

Dimensions (Model 6406): 1.31in W x 7.05in H x 8.30in L (33.27 mm x 179.07 mm x 210.82 mm)

Dimensions (Transformer): 7.98in W x 3.63in H x 5.38in L (202.69 mm x 92.20 mm x 136.65 mm)

Effective Distance: 6in–12in (152 mm– 305 mm)

Emitter Point: Tungsten 99.99%

Enclosure: Aluminum housing

Gas Input: 10-80 psi, Clean Dry Air (CDA) or Nitrogen

Power Supply Input Voltage: 110-220 V AC 

Technology: Corona 

Weight: 1 lb. (0.5 kg) 

DECAY RATE: < 1.3 seconds (±1000 to 100V), ANSI/ESD Association STM 3.1 @ 30 psi, 6 inches

Feature Highlights

Light-touch switch control

0.1 micron filter

Adjustable air flow



Clean air flow

Easy to use

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