NRD Static Control LLC

Heated Ionizer Fan

Model 6215

TheStaticmaster® Heated Ionizing Fan Model 6215 is designed for use with sensitive electronic components where electrostatic discharge is a challenge. By producing an environment rich in both positive and negative ions, this Heated Ionizing Fan focuses direct, but non-disruptive airflow, onto objects to remove the static charge. 

The Heated Ionizing Fan helps address static control issues, such as eliminating attraction of dirt to product, misalignment of small parts due to electrostatic “jumping” and undesirable adhesion of plastic films due to electrostatic charge. 

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Airflow: Low speed, 45 CFM (21.24 L/s); Med speed, 70 CFM (33.04 L/s); High speed, 90 CFM (42.48 L/s)

Balance: ±25 V

Current Draw: 2.70 Amp (heater on); 0.2 Amp (heater off)

Dimensions: 4.2in W x 9.7in H x 7.2in L (110 mm x 250 mm x 180 mm)

Enclosure: Alloy housing

Finish: Powder Coat

Operating Temp: 0°C–50°C

Power Supply Input Voltage: 110 V AC

Technology: AC

Weight: 5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg)

DECAY RATE: <1.3 seconds (±1000 to 100V), ANSI/ESD Association STM 3.1 @ 1 foot, center

Feature Highlights

  • Three, warm airflow speed settings
  • Small, lightweight and portable design
  • Patented balanced ion output
  • Ionization indicator lamp for monitoring
  • Built-in emitter point cleaner


  • Static-free parts
  • Comfortable for users in cool environments
  • Easily moved for targeted ionization
  • Reduced maintenance time

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