NRD Static Control LLC

Mini Ionizer Fan

Model 6213

The Staticmaster® Mini Ionizer Fan produces an airflow of both positive and negative ions. Directing the airflow of the fan onto an object with a static charge will neutralize the charge.

The Model 6213 is easily portable and uses a small fan to produce airflow. To assure that the unit is working properly, the high voltage is monitored by an ionization indicator lamp.

The Mini Ionizer Fan was designed for use with sensitive electronic components, where electrostatic discharge is an issue. This Model 6213 can also be used in other situations where static electricity poses a challenge such as, attraction of dirt to product, misalignment of small parts due to electrostatic “jumping” and undesirable adhesion of plastic films.

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Airflow: 25.1 CFM (710.7 L/s) 

Alarm Function: Out of range 

Balance: ±10 V 

Dimensions: 2.11in W x 4.28in H x 3.99in L (53.8 mm x 108.8 mm x 101.5 mm) 

Effective Distance: 8 in – 12 in 

(200 mm–300 mm) 

Emitter Point: Tungsten 99.99% 

Enclosure: Aluminum housing 

LED Indicators: Green - Power On; Red - Alarm 

Operating Voltage: 24 V DC 

Power Supply Input Voltage: 110-220 V AC 

Technology: Corona 

Weight: 3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg) 

DECAY RATE: 1.3 seconds, (±1000 to 100V), ANSI/ESD Association STM 3.1 @ 1 foot, center 

Feature Highlights

Auto ion balance

Ionization indicator light

Adjustable air volume and fan direction


Easy installation on surface or wall

Easily rotated for targeted ionization

Reliable ionization using indicator lights