NRD Static Control LLC

Air Assist Bar Ionizer

Model 6110

TheStaticmaster® Air Assist Linear Ionizer Model 6110 is a high frequency AC ion bar that offers high efficiency and in a compact size. The high frequency bar electrically charges air molecules into an abundance of positive and negative ions.

Compared to traditional AC methods, the Air Assist Linear Ionizer is able to generate higher, more balanced ionization for much more reliable results.

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Balance: ±20 V

Dimensions: 1in W x 1.4in H x 16.25in-120.2in L (20 mm x 36 mm x 413-3053 mm) (Length can be OEM)

Effective Distance: up to 48"

Operating Humidity: 0–90%

Operating Temp: -10˚C–50˚C

Operating Voltage: 24 V DC

Power Supply Input Voltage: 110–240 V AC

Technology: AC

DECAY RATE: 2 seconds (±1000 to 100V), @ 1 foot center

Feature Highlights

  • Normal operation indicator light
  • High-voltage abnormal operation indicator light
  • Adjustable maintenance time
  • Customizable static eliminator length


  • Strong ion concentration ensures stable static eliminating performance
  • Automatic ion balance system is within ±50 V
  • Power supply applies side wiring to guarantee the front and back space

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