NRD Static Control LLC

I-Beam Stand Ionizer Kit

Model 6105

The Staticmaster® 6105 I-Beam Stand Ionizer Kit comes complete with an I-Beam Stand Ionizer and 7.5 KV Power Supply. It is the ideal tool for removing static charge from fine powders, filter media, and irregularly shaped items prior to being placed in the weigh chamber. This "Shockless" system is equipped with a 6 foot, shielded power supply cable and is capable of supporting a second I-Beam (Model 6106 sold separately).



Current Draw: 0.5/0/25A

Dimensions (MODEL 6105): 3.25in W x 11.4in H x 3.25 L (82.6 mm x 282.9 mm x 82.6 mm)

Dimensions (MODEL 6010): 4in W x 3.5in H x 5.75in L (101.6 mm x 88.9 mm x 146.1 mm)

Effective Distance: 3in (76.2 mm)

Emitter Point: Tungsten 99.99%

Enclosure (MODEL 6105): Aluminum/ABS

Enclosure (MODEL 6010): Aluminum

Power Supply Input Voltage: 115 to 230 V AC

Technology: Corona

Weight (MODEL 6105): 6.22 lbs. (2.82 kg)

DECAY RATE: < 30 seconds (±1000 to 100V), @ 3 inches

Feature Highlights



Narrow design


Fits easily into small laboratory spaces

Technicians not subjected to shock

Easy to clean

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