NRD Static Control LLC

Hand-Held Electrostatic Field Meter

Model 521AE

The Staticmaster® 521AE Electrostatic Field Meter is a hand-held, high-quality chopper-stabilized, non-contacting field meter. It is designed to accurately measure the strength of electrostatic fields generated by static charges on ESD-sensitive materials and components, on films, polymers, and other insulative materials. In additoin, the 521AE can also be used to perform field auditing of ionizer balance.



Accuracy: ±10%

Balance: ± 200V

Dimensions: 1in W x 4.5in H x 2.9in L (25 mm x 115 mm x 73 mm)

Display: Large LCD display (Digital and Bar Graph)

Effective Distance: 1 in (25.4mm)

Finish: Conductive Resin (ABS)

Operating Humidity: < 80%

Operating Temperature: 10°C to 40°C

Operating Time: Approx. 30 hours

Power: One (1) 9-volt alkaline battery (not included)

Weight: 4.9 oz (140g)

Feature Highlights

Dual-function field meter and charge plate

Auto zero function

Battery indicator


Includes a carry case

Compact size

Easy-to-read LCD numerical and bar graph display

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