NRD Static Control LLC

Overhead Ionizing Blower

Model 4070

The Staticmaster® 4070 Overhead Ionizing Blower provides efficient, point-of-use ionization for very fast discharge times and precise charge neutralization for the most critical manufacturing environments. Designed for overhead mounting above the work area, the alpha technology of the blower is the best solution for the most ESD-critical process steps in the manufacturing line.

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Ion emission: Alpha source: Polonium 210, 100% encapsulated (annual renewal required)
Airflow: High fan 114 CFM (3.2 m3/min)
Ion offset balance: ±0 volts
Audbile noise: High fan speed 61 dB (measurement taken 12” away from fan)
Input power: 100-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz 70 watts (max.), fuse protected
Chassis: Powder coated steel
Mounting: Eye-bolts and S-hooks provided, U-brackets available; convenience outlet allows up to 15 units to be operated from one power source
Dimensions: 3.11H X 6.06D X 44 L inches (79H X 152D X 1118L mm)
Weight: 12.5 lbs (5.7 kgs)


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