NRD Static Control LLC

Small Ionizing Fan

Model 4067

The Staticmaster® Small Ionizing Fan, Model 4067, is a small platform ionizing fan that provides a continually balanced output down to zero volts. When used in combination with the Model P-2062 Ionizing cartridge, it is ideally suited for bench-top electronics repair and assembly.

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Activity: 14.1 mCi (522 MBq) (P-2062))

Airflow: Low speed, 155.8 SFPM (5.5 L/s); High speed, 211.6 SFPM (7.47 L/s)

Balance: ±0 V

Current Draw: 4 W

Dimensions: 2.36in W x 4.72in H x    5.51in L ( 60mm x 120mm x 140mm)

Enclosure (MODEL 4067): ABS/PC housing, metal base

Enclosure (MODEL P-2062): Stainless Steel

Fan Flow Rating: 29.2 CFM (0.01 m3/s)

Finish: ABS

Power Supply Input Voltage:  120 V AC

Technology: Alpha

Weight (MODEL 4067): 13.5 oz (399g)

Weight (MODEL P-2062): 4.3 oz (127 g)

DECAY RATE: < 2 seconds (±1000 to 100V), ANSI/ESD Association STM 3.1 @ 1 foot, center

Feature Highlights

2-speed fan

Maximum positioning flexibility when used with Articulated Arm

Easy-to-operate design


Fits easily into small bench-top spaces

Balanced static control to zero volts

No particulate with alpha ionization technology

User confidence in reliable ion delivery

No calibration of ion sources

No emitter points to clean

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