NRD Static Control LLC

Cleanroom Fan, Powder-coated

Model 4064

The Staticmaster® 4064 Powder-coated Cleanroom Fan is used to create airflow through the Nuclecel model P-2063 ion cell. This system delivers a high volume of ionized air to neutralize static charge. The target's neutralization time will be optimal when placed 12" to 48" directly in front of the ionizing blower and will increase as the distance increases.

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Activity: 31.5 mCi (1166 MBq) (P-2063 ionizer)

Dimensions: 3.37in W x 7.92in H x 7.02in L (86 mm x 201 mm x 178 mm)

Enclosure (MODEL 4064): Aluminum housing

Enclosure (MODEL 4064ss): Stainless steel housing

Fan Flow Rating: 116.0 CFM (3.28 m3/s)

Finish (MODEL 4064): Powder Coat

Operating Voltage: 12 V DC

Power Supply Input Voltage: 110–240 V AC

Technology: Alpha

Weight: 4.2 lbs. (1.9 kg)

DECAY RATE: 1.21+, 1.42- (low speed) .97+, 1.18- (high speed) (±1000 to 100V), ANSI/ESD Association STM 3.1 @ 1 foot, center

Feature Highlights

  • Dual-speed operation
  • Compact, adjustable design
  • Indicator light showing ion delivery


  • Balanced output of ±0 V for consistent protection
  • No particulate with alpha ionization technology
  • User confidence in reliable ion delivery
  • No calibration of ion sources
  • No emitter points to clean

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