NRD Static Control LLC

Ionizing Cartridge, 3" (500 µCi)

Model 2U500

The Staticmaster® 2U500, 3" Ionizing Cartridge is a self-powered static eliminator that eliminates the problem of "fly-away" powders and inaccurate measurements in precision weighing applications by utilizing its proven alpha ionizing technology. These devices can be easily mounted within the balance chamber, assuring quick and accurate measurements. The 2U500 is also used as an ion source in the 4068 Mini-Fan ionizer and the 5060 Grounding Kit.



Material: 302 Stainless steel housing and grid

Weight: 0.2 oz. (5.7.g)

Isotope: Polonium-210

Emission: Alpha

Activity: 500 µCi

Optimum Range: 0.5" to 1.5"

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