NRD Static Control LLC

Ionizing Cartridge, 1" (250 µCi)

Model 1U200

The Staticmaster® 1U200, 1" Ionizing Cartridge, also available in Model 1U200S, is a self-powered static eliminator. Its small profile makes it an ideal solution for in-balance elimination. This small profile ionizer offers "zero-volts balance" technology, which means that it can effectively remove all of the static charge present in your media and samples. This ensures accurate weighing every time.



Activity (MODEL 2U500 & 1U400): 0.5 mCi (18.5 MBq)

Activity (MODEL 1U200): 0.25mCi (9.25 MBq)

Activity (MODEL 1U200S): 0.10mCi (3.7 MBq)

Balance: ±0 V

Dimension (MODEL 2U500): 0.25in W x 0.93in H x 3in L (6.4 mm x 23.6 mm x 76.2 mm)

Dimension (MODEL 1U400, 1U200 & 1U200S): 0.18in W x 0.93in H x 1.30in L (4.6 mm x 23.6 mm x 33 mm)

Effective Distance: 1 in – 2 in (25.4 mm - 50.8 mm)

Enclosure: Stainless Steel

Technology: Alpha

Weight (MODEL 2U500): 0.4 oz (11.34 g)

Weight (MODEL 1U400, 1U200 & 1U200S): 0.1 oz (2.83 g)

DECAY RATE: .44 seconds grounded (±1000 to 100V), @ 1 inch

Feature Highlights

Small and conveniently portable

No shock hazard

No external power supply


More accurate measurements

Static free samples

Fits easily into small spaces

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