NRD Static Control LLC

For years, the standard for measuring ionization performance has been the Charge Plate Monitor. But, with the introduction of Ionmaster, there is now a new alternative that many in the industry believe could rapidly replace the CPM as the new go-to.


To start with, this advanced alternative to the charge plate monitor measures positive and negative ion balance at the same time and offers continuous monitoring and storage of the performance of your ionization program efforts.

Because Ionmaster gives three readings at once, in real time–not an average over time–you get precise resolution, not to mention speed, every time. It also gives you more control laying out work surfaces, with the ability to accurately designate what’s within the environment, define your work space performance, and assure you’re staying within the tolerances set. Ionmaster is leading the way in ionization monitoring.

With the advanced Ionmaster™ Ionization Monitor Model 1000 you get:

  • Ability to take 3 readings at once (+ decay, - decay, balance) – with no waiting!
  • Much tighter confines with no stray electric fields
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use software that requires little to no training
  • Automatic electronic data logging leaving far less room for human error
  • Flexibility to move quickly from ionizer to ionizer, letting you check your entire floor in a fraction of the time
  • Data can be monitored in real time without waiting and/or moving the ionizer to perform manual performance maintenance and determine if the ionizer is in balance.
  • "No set-up calibration" design
  • Works at a distance and in/out of airflow