NRD Static Control LLC

Clearing the Air About Alpha Ionizers

Alpha ionizers have had great success in a wide range of applications over the past forty years. Despite this, there are still some misconceptions regarding their use. The following information is intended to clarify some of these issues.


In accordance with state and federal regulations, NRD’s alpha ionizers must be leak tested after 13 months of use. That’s one of the reasons NRD makes ionizers available on an annual lease basis; when your one-year lease expires, we ship you a new ionizer and you return the old one to us.

Relocating Equipment

You’re free to relocate our alpha static eliminating devices within a facility as desired. If you want to transfer your ionizer to a different facility, you need only return it to NRD. We can then forward it to the new location for you – at no charge.


NRD has shipped our alpha ionizers internationally for over forty years. We are not aware of any countries that prohibit importing or using these devices, although certain governments do have different requirements than the United States. Malaysia, for example, requests certification to ISO 2919. NRD is accustomed to providing the necessary documentation to meet such requests and we’re always happy to work with customers to address special needs.


NRD’s alpha ionizers are safe to use just about anywhere static is a problem. Our ionizers have an excellent track record of performance in even the most demanding applications, like microelectronics, medical devices and explosive environments. Some of the largest manufacturers in the world use our ionizers with great success in a variety of applications and environments.

A Few More Facts

Here are a few other facts about our alpha ionizers that might interest you:

  • They require no outside power source.
  • They require no calibration because they provide constantly balanced ionization.
  • They are safe to use even in volatile or solvent-laden environments.

General Licensing Requirements in the United States

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission requires that those who possess nuclear devices be licensed. When NRD, LLC ships a static control device to you, you automatically become a General Licensee upon receipt of the equipment. As a licensee, there are certain requirements you must follow:

  • You must maintain the device label in legible condition, securely attached to the device and visible.
  • The device should not be transferred to another location, person or company. However, transfer to another company location can be accomplished by sending the ionizer to NRD, LLC. We will then ship the device to the new location, per your instructions.
  • Should a device become damaged, lost or stolen, you should immediately contact NRD, LLC at (716) 773-7634. You will be advised of reporting requirements, if any.
  • You must retain accurate records of the receipt, transfer and disposal of each device in your possession.
  • The device must be leak tested every 13 months. To meet this requirement, simply return the device to NRD, LLC within 15 days of your lease expiration date.
  • The device should not be abandoned or disposed of except by return to: NRD, LLC, 2937 Alt Blvd., Grand Island, NY 14072
  • Some states require that the initial receipt of a device be reported by the General Licensee to the appropriate agency in that state. For example, New York State requires filing a “registration of a generally licensed radiation device” (Form: DOSH-240.4) upon receipt. If you have any questions about specific requirements in your state, contact NRD, LLC for assistance.

A complete set of relevant information on regulations is supplied with each ionizer shipment. We also have information available to explain safety issues and address concerns that you or your employees might have.