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Sensitive Microscopes Attract Dust and Dirt, Risk ESD Damage to Products

Solution: Ionmaster Mini Blower

A common problem in laboratories is caused when dust and dirt accumulate on a microscope pedestal lens. In addition, it’s especially important to protect the product being handled at a microscope work station from possible electrostatic discharge (ESD).

There are a number of benefits to be gained by installing the NRD Ionmaster, model 4067 at a microscope station. First, operator productivity increases because lens cleaning time is greatly reduced, and operator eye fatigue from looking through an otherwise dirty lens is decreased. In addition, yields can be improved by eliminating potential damage from electrostatic discharge on the integrated circuits or devices at the station.

The flexible arm can be clamped to the back or side of the table, keeping it out of the operator’s way. And it takes up just 2 1/4 square inches of table space! The Ionmaster can be adjusted to blow from either the side of the microscope or above it, depending on the equipment configuration and operator preference.

The Ionmaster 4067 has numerous benefits to offer:

  • With its flexible arm attachment, this ionizer takes up very little space.
  • Ionized air can be directed right at the pedestal from close proximity.
  • Very low air flow is required, so if the object being examined is lightweight, it will not be blown off the pedestal.
  • The flexible arm permits the ionizer to be mounted so it can be moved out of the way easily.
  • A microscope station typically has bench space limitations, making the small footprint of the Ionmaster 4067 especially attractive.

Sensitive Microscopes fig1