NRD Static Control LLC

Because selecting an appropriate technology to affect useful static control is complex, we offer help through our toll free number. Our application engineers can help you select the best technology for your need. However, some of the considerations we take into account are the application environment, placement and size restrictions, an estimate of the charge generation rate, the required neutralization rate, and the tolerable residual voltage after treatment. For example, suppose your application involves removing a static charge from a plastic part in a volatile atmosphere. In this case, the overriding consideration is the volatile atmosphere and we would recommend the alpha technology because it utilizes no electrical power supply, which could trigger a fire or explosion. Another application that would benefit from alpha technology is removing static generated during the manufacture of read and write heads for use in computer hard drives. These devices are sensitive to very low voltages, and alpha technology always produces an equal number of positive and negative ions, which can, with high reliability, bring the residual voltage to zero. In the absence of a volatile atmosphere, an example of where we might recommend electrical technology would be one where there were large sheets of material, such as 4' by 10' plastic, coming off a press or roller and they are highly charged with static electricity.