NRD Static Control LLC

NRD® is a global supplier of devices that eliminate electrostatic discharge in environments such as R&D, laboratory, technology, industrial applications, and automotive as well as specialty sources for ECD, IMS and more. We service each industry and static concern uniquely, and are the only company in the world that offers both alpha and corona static control solutions. And, we have been for three decades. With the addition of Ionmaster Quality Management System, NRD is also leading the industry in advanced ionization monitoring solutions.

Starting back in 1969 with our flagship product, Staticmaster®, organizations around the world have turned to NRD products to help them achieve better quality and higher productivity. Our experienced team is available to work with each customer to understand their unique goals and make product recommendations designed to meet their precise specifications.

All of our products and materials at NRD are tested against the strictest industry standards. We pride ourselves in offering safe and effective solutions, with quality control that is exact and uncompromising.

Quality Commitment

As a manufacturer and producer of Sealed Radioisotope Sources, NRD has a deep and abiding commitment to ensure we deliver only the highest quality products. We have an obligation to produce defect-free products, not only to satisfy the needs of our customers, but also to meet the regulations governing the handling, manufacturing and distributing of products containing radioisotopes. NRD commits to identify any risks that may arise and mitigate where appropriate.

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