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Every situation is unique.
So is every solution. ™

Discover industry-leading corona and alpha static control solutions from the only company that offers both.

Custom Solutions

You may not see static
But it’s there.

Protect yourself from latent failures, micro contamination and more.

Staticmaster® Solutions

Static is hiding in more
places than you think.

Avoid latent failure by addressing static at the source.

Semiconductor Solutions

Ignoring static can have
huge financial implications.

Save your investments in your equipment and your organization.

Cleanroom Solutions

When perfection is the standard,
reworking is not an option.

Keep costs down and surfaces static and particle free.

Automotive Solutions

The Only Source For Corona And Alpha Static Control Solutions

We’ve earned the trust of organizations worldwide for safe, reliable, innovative solutions for electrostatic concerns in a wide range of industries. Learn why alpha is becoming the new, go-to ESD solution for many organizations.

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